About Us

How TBOA Began & Our Mission Statement



How TBOA Began;

                TBOA was chartered in the mid 50′s by a small group of codes officials who recognized the need for promoting professional codes enforcement through educational opportunities. Each year TBOA hosts an educational conference attended by more than 200 code officials. TBOA’s members are located in some 120 cities and counties across the state. In addition we have industry related associate members who participate in our conferences and work with TBOA to help promote professionalism throughout the construction industry.


                TBOA has evolved over the years with its members becoming active in the development of construction codes that result in safer communities. We have been instrumental in promoting the licensing of building inspectors through certification with the Tennessee State Department of Commerce and Insurance. We support the educational opportunities being provided by Tennessee’s recently completed Fire and Codes Academy which is a state of the art training facility. There is rarely a legislative session that we do not have an interest in as well as possibly having some business to come up before the legislature. We sometimes partner with other organizations such as the Tennessee Municipal League to advocate positions we feel will benefit the interests of our communities.


                    It is our mission in the years ahead for our membership to form stronger partnerships with the organizations that have an interest in the built environment.We feel this effort will result in our communities being built to standards that are the safest they can be based on the latest technologies. This means ever increasing demands for education and certification in the codes enforcement profession to keep pace with these evolving technologies.


                  As we move ahead we feel membership in the public sector will be even more important as the challenges in our communities will be to provide more efficient inspections and enforcement programs. This can only occur through continuing education to meet these demands. The private sector to efficiently and effectively manage their projects will have to be involved in educational programs that keep them abreast of current codes.


   We are an organization that is committed to educating inspectors and enforcing the code.



Mission Statement

Our organization is a leader in providing educational opportunities to persons involved with enforcement of building, fire and land use codes across Tennessee. Each year we host an annual conference that offers educational opportunities targeted toward meeting the demands of a construction environment that is rapidly changing. As codes officials and persons involved in the construction industry we are being asked to work smarter and faster – we feel education contributes heavily in meeting this demand for efficiency.

Our organization and its members are routinely involved in the model codes development process helping to insure that codes remain current with the latest construction technologies. We monitor legislation at all levels of government keeping our members and their respective communities abreast of pending legislation that can affect them. When necessary we work as a membership or contract with personsto aide us in influencing legislation that affects our communities and the inspector. Whether your community is involved in codes enforcement or your business is regulated through enforcement membership in our organization can benefit you. We provide for several levels of participation.  We urge you to look at the opportunities our organization offers you.